About us

We're both Newtown, Sydney residents (but we hardly ever podcast in the same room. We know, it's weird.)

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Our podcasting style

As journalists we have what you might call an 'interview-style' podcast - we write scripts and share them with guests before recording, and we plan our questions carefully, just like you might do for a story. We find it makes for a much better result (and stops us talking over each other. Well, sometimes.)

Our guests

If you're an avid listener and would like to be on The Content Byte, get in touch! We're always looking for interesting guests and welcome pitches for episodes from PRs as well - as long as they're targeted to our writerly audience and aligned with freelancing, content and the #writerslife.

Meet your hosts

Lynne Testoni

Lynne Testoni is a senior journalist and content producer who specialises in warm and witty copy, with a focus on design, homes and food.

Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith is a senior journalist and copywriter who specialises in SEO copy + content for lifestyle, business and finance clients. She also runs Rachel's List.

Like a mentor in a podcast

The Content Byte has so much helpful, actionable advice and insights from both Rachel and Lynne and their guests. I've picked up lots of good ideas and reassurance on the challenges of freelancing, plus a few laughs. Feels like conversing with a couple of freelancing friends.


Real, practical tips

Great podcast if you’re a freelance writer of any kind and full of real, practical tips. Rachel and Lynne have a relaxed dynamic and so much real life experience to share, as do their various guests. Especially motivating if you’re starting out - it’s proof it can be done!

Diana Ioppolo Writer

LOVE this podcast

Genuinely lovely hosts with juicy content and actionable tips for growing your business.

Thought Penny Director

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